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Facial rejuvenation includes a number of services that Dr. Kenneth M. Toft expertly combines into an overall management program to keep you looking your best. From plastic surgery to skin care, Sacramento residents benefit from Dr. Toft's advanced training and the latest technology.

In addition to the latest options in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Toft performs innovative non-surgical treatments including injectables, laser treatments and peels. These can significantly improve your appearance without surgery, or enhance the results of a surgical procedure.

Dr. Toft also offers a range of medical-grade products to protect and replenish your skin and enhance your appearance. These include at-home skin care products, sunscreens, cosmetics and lash enhancement products. Additionally, our practice offers medical esthetic treatments that help you look great and feel pampered.

If you're interested in a rejuvenated appearance, request a consultation online, or call us at (916) 782-8638 to schedule an appointment.