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Women and men in their 40s and 50s often want to soften signs of aging but don't want or need extensive correction. Dr. Toft specializes in performing a mini face lift for Sacramento patients who would like a smoother, firmer lower and midface but aren't ready for a traditional facelift.

This procedure is great for people with wrinkles and sagging skin around the jowls, jawline and cheeks. Dr. Toft uses his specialized training and experience to take years off and restore a naturally youthful look.

Are you ready to learn how Dr. Toft can create a more youthful appearance with a minilift in Sacramento? Request a consultation online, or call (916) 782-8638 to speak with a member of our staff today.

Why Choose Dr. Toft

Dr. Toft is certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and he dedicates 100% of his expertise to facial procedures. This dedication helps him keep up with the latest techniques, which he uses to achieve the following for minilift patients:

  • Correct the drooping appearance caused by sagging jowls
  • Smooth folds around the mouth, nose and cheeks
  • Tighten underlying muscles for long-lasting results
  • Enhance the jawline
  • Restore high cheek bones

Dr. Toft only recommends procedures that will enhance a person's appearance and work with their lifestyle. Mini lifts in Sacramento are marketed under various names such as the "weekend lift," but these minilifts often provide minimal results. In contrast, Dr. Toft's minilift provides a comprehensive lift with natural and lasting results.

Sometimes, he will recommend combining procedures to achieve the desired look. Popular choices to combine with a minilift are a browlift, eyelid surgery or non-surgical options such as BOTOX® Cosmetic. Dr. Toft will work with you to create a plan to combine procedures that complement your individual facial structure.

Dr. Toft

Kenneth M. Toft, M.D. the EXPERT in facial plastic surgery

Dr. Toft's training, experience, and practice are dedicated entirely to the art and science of facial enhancement.

Your Consultation

Dr. Toft values getting to know each patient and understanding each individual's needs. When you come to his practice in Sacramento for a mini face lift consultation, you can explain exactly what you hope to achieve, as well as ask any questions regarding your specific treatment plan.

Dr. Toft will ask a series of general questions about your health history and then move on to recommend techniques for customizing your procedure. He will explain what steps he plans to take to help you achieve smooth and youthful-looking midface with a minilift.

The Procedure

As the name implies, a minilift requires smaller incisions, less surgery time and a shorter recovery period. Because he specializes in facial cosmetic surgery, Dr. Toft has extensive experience and training in the best ways to hide the tiny scars within the hairline and along natural folds and creases.

Using a well hidden incision, he is able to tighten underlying muscles and remove excess skin. Mini lifts are perfect for patients who may not be ready for a full facelift but who want to refresh their appearance. Dr. Toft will customize the procedure to ensure that all of your concerns are addressed during surgery.

Your Recovery

One of the benefits of a mini facelift in Sacramento is the short recovery period. Patients typically need pain medication for only 2 or 3 days. You should feel fine at the end of the first week and be able to cover any bruising with makeup after the second week. Dr. Toft's minilift patients are usually free of bruising and look terrific at 3 weeks.

Expected Results

Patients can expect to enjoy the benefits of the procedure for at least 10 years, depending on the extent of the surgery. Mini lift patients will have only minimal signs of surgery, and their skin will be smoother, creating a more youthful appearance.

Choosing the right approach to facial rejuvenation can be a challenge, so Dr. Toft recommends you meet with him for a private consultation. He will go over your options for enhancing your appearance, while paying close attention to any concerns you may have.

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