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Highly Specialized

Dr. ToftKenneth M. Toft, M.D., is the Director of Toft Facial Plastic Surgery Center in Roseville. He is a committed surgeon with exceptional training in the art of facial cosmetic surgery. He dedicates 100% of his practice to the face, establishing himself as possibly the most highly trained and specialized facial plastic surgeon in the Sacramento area.

In contrast, general Sacramento plastic surgeons who perform breast and body liposuction spend as little as 10% of their practice on the face. Dr. Toft believes that to be the best at facial plastic surgery, one should focus completely on the face.

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Exceptional Training

Throughout his career, Dr. Toft has demonstrated a commitment to excellence. After graduating from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science in the top 3% of his class, he went on to the University of Michigan Medical School, graduating in the top 10% of his class.

His surgical training began at Stanford University in head and neck surgery. This consists of a year of general surgery and four years of specialized training committed 100% to surgery of the face and neck. It was during this time at Stanford that Dr. Toft developed his interest in facial cosmetic surgery. Because of this interest, Dr. Toft performed research, wrote scientific papers, and gave national presentations on cosmetic facial surgery.

Facial Plastic Surgery Fellowship

Dr. Toft then went on to complete a fellowship in facial plastic surgery at UCLA. A fellowship in facial plastic surgery is an exclusive honor for those who have demonstrated an excellence in training and a commitment to higher learning. There is an intensive application and interview process where only the top applicants from a recognized training program are accepted. Because Dr. Toft had performed laser resurfacing research in facial plastic surgery at Stanford, with numerous national presentations and papers on facial plastics, he was granted an interview at UCLA medical center for their fellowship.

Of the approximately 45 interviewees from across the country, Dr. Toft was selected as the fellow and clinical instructor in facial plastic surgery. While at UCLA medical center, Dr. Toft was committed to intensive study in facial plastic surgery, learning from some of the world experts. Dr. Toft mastered the latest techniques, including natural facelift, endoscopic (small incision) surgery, minimal incision eyelid surgery, and others. Many of these techniques have significant advantages over older techniques, including more natural appearance, quick recovery, increased safety, longer lasting results, and less discomfort.

Dr. Toft also acted as an Instructor, teaching other physicians the art of facial plastic surgery. He continued his academic pursuits, writing a chapter on submentoplasty (neck lifts), reviewing cosmetic journals online, publishing facial plastic surgery articles, giving national presentations, and acting as an associate editor on a laser surgery text.

Dr. Toft is double board certified. He is certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as well as the American Board of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery. He has been a licensed Medical Doctor in the State of California since 1991. He is a member of the American Medical Association, California Medical Association, American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and other prestigious organizations.


A Natural Look

Dr. Toft believes the goal of cosmetic surgery at his Sacramento-area practice is to create improvement, while always maintaining a natural appearance. This natural appearance is achieved through the use of modern techniques to make you look younger, refreshed and healthy, not pulled tight or "operated." Dr. Toft also takes extra care on the skin closure and incision planning to hide the signs of surgery.

Balance and Symmetry

The delicate balance of your facial features is what creates your identity, displays your emotion, and establishes your level of health. Because each face is different, the goals of surgery for each person should be individualized. For instance, many doctors only perform one type of rhinoplasty (nose job), giving a similar outcome on every patient. Dr. Toft performs a complete facial analysis and can utilize one of several techniques (open, closed, retrograde, delivery and others) to contour your nose to fit your facial features. A small, cute nose may look good on a petite woman with delicate facial features, but would be out of place on a muscular, tall man. The same can be said with many aspects of facial cosmetic surgery. An exceptional outcome is one that is in balance with your facial features.

Patient Education

Dr. Toft prides himself on educating his patients about the best procedures available, the pros and cons of each technique, and why one particular approach may be best suited for your specific features. With a good knowledge base, you will become more comfortable with the process, will be able to make educated decisions about your care, and develop a trusting relationship with Dr. Toft and his staff.

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