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Dr. Toft takes time to listen to the needs of his plastic surgery patients in Sacramento. He and his entire team take pleasure in providing a comprehensive treatment experience.

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Offices of Dr. Kenneth Toft - October 10, 2012
RE: My surgical experience (or one of the best days EVER)

I want to let all who are considering choosing Dr. Kenneth Toft as your facial plastic surgeon about my own experience in his care.

What bothered me the most about my appearance was my turkey neck; loose, crepey skin that just hung there, useless and ugly. I wanted to get a neck lift, primarily, and also had my upper and lower eyelids done as well.

I spent some time interviewing different surgeons, so this is not a decision I made lightly. I was pretty nervous regarding this type of choice. After all, I was only going to have this done once in my lifetime.

The two things I kept going back to was the fact that he does not use full sedation. By that I mean you don't go to sleep, you are awake (he does this to minimize the patients' recovery time). He also strives for a completely natural result (meaning you don't look like you've had plastic surgery). These two components really appealed to me. So I scheduled my surgery during the Summer Olympics in London, August 2012.

After taking the valium prescribed by him, I showed up at his offices in a very happy, dingy mood. I saw two images of everyone! I was hooked up to an IV, and then the procedure began. Not only are you awake, you are able to converse with him and his staff during surgery! I can still remember most of the conversation. You can choose the kind of music you like, and it will play in the background during surgery. I chose the Beatles.

We chatted about the Olympics; who we liked, the medals count, and then I began to "test" the younger staff by asking if they could name the Beatles song that was playing! We all even hummed along with the melodies. I remember reminiscing about my life back in those days, to the point of telling everyone how I used to cruise up and down Pacific Coast Highway in the 70's in a "surf wagon" ('54 Ford wagon) given to me by my grandparents.

During this whole time, I did not feel any discomfort. I knew the surgery was proceeding, but it really didn't concern me at all. I just had the best time talking! Finally Dr. Toft had to ask me to stop, as he was going to work on my neck area. :-)

I was told my surgery was about 3 1/2 hours in duration, but it seemed like about a half an hour. He bandaged me up, my friend arrived, and I was on my way home.

I remember the drive home as being uneventful. Sure I was groggy, but not to the point that I didn't know what was occurring around me.

The next morning he took the pressure bandages off, which was a relief. He does wrap you up pretty tight!

The first three days were uneventful, despite a bad reaction to the pain meds the first day. I slept a lot. Then on the 4th day, I really wanted to get up and out of bed. I can honestly say that there was no pain, as the medications prescribed took full care of that. I began to take small walks in my neighborhood at the 7th day. Then on day 12 I went to the grocery store, just wearing sunglasses. My lower face was pretty swollen and felt "tight", and I couldn't open my mouth completely for about 5 days. Small nuisance, really. My eyelids were swollen, which is to be expected. The only areas that were discolored at all were my upper eyelids. I had some bruises around my collarbone area, but that was about it. Nothing on my face, lower eyelids, or neck at all.

Day 14 is when you begin to look normal. The swelling just dissipates around that time frame.

Having gone through the process now, I can honestly say it was not that much of a nuisance, considering that you are healing from surgery. I just wish that recovering from ALL surgeries could be that easy!

My turkey neck is gone, I have a profile for the first time in my life, and even my childhood dimples have been restored. The last two were unexpected bonuses. Dr. Toft says it took about 15 years off me (I am 63). One of the best parts is that most of my acquaintances don't notice it. I had lost weight and changed my hair style during the process, so they think that is why I look so much better. I just smile and say "thanks!"

I am beyond pleased. My results are very natural, which is what I wanted, and what Dr. Toft provides. He is truly an artist, and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

R. G., Sacramento.

For years after breaking my nose I was very self-conscious; I would avoid letting people see my profile and even on my wedding day specifically requested for the Photographer to avoid taking profile shots. People can be cruel too and would make insensitive comments. After breaking my nose for a second time and being fed up of being so unhappy with how I looked I wanted to finally do something about it.

Dr. Toft came highly recommended to me by a friend who'd had the same surgery and understood exactly the results was looking for which was very natural. Dr. Toft and his staff were so caring and understanding from the initial consultation through to my after care. My only regret is that I didn't have the surgery sooner as it's been life altering I have so much more confidence and been able to pursue a new career I love because of it.

– Many thanks, E.D.

Dr. Toft is amazing...professional and knowledgeable. Staff is fantastic...compassionate.

– K.K.

I'm 62 years old. Dr. Toft changed my life. Three years ago I had gone through some stressful times and it showed.

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Dr. Toft and his staff. Any future surgeries that I have will be done by Dr. Toft. I am extremely pleased with my results and every bit of my experience. I look natural, rested, and younger.

I had a Facelift, Chin Implant, and Necklift. Dr. Toft has a bedside manner that evokes confidence and sensitivity. I would readily refer anyone to Dr. Toft. His staff was professional, courteous, and friendly.

I only have one face. I entrusted it to Dr. Toft. Surgery went exactly as described. Dr. Toft cares about his patients on a very personal level. His staff treated me with respect and was extremely professional.

– L.R.

You have all been so very pleasant and informative. Especially for me because I am terrified of doctors in general. I couldn't be more satisfied with my results and so... now you are stuck with me.

– L

It took me a very long time before I found someone I trust as much as I trust Dr. Toft. He is Stanford- and UCLA- educated, and he was also a top surgeon in L.A. before coming to Northern California. I feel safe with him because he focuses on the face.

I trust Dr. Toft with my most important asset, my face, because he is both highly educated, experienced, and honest. He is as much an engineer as he is an artist. It takes both art and science to help create the look he helps me to achieve, and he is not afraid to tell me "no" if the look is not natural or in my best interest.

I always tease Dr. Toft that he is an angel. It sounds far out, but he really does bring so many women joy and confidence and they pass that on. After all, smiles are contagious, right?

– T.C.

I hope to send and recommend. AI have seen a lot of work and I think Dr. Toft to be excellent.

– S.S.

When I was researching facial plastic surgeons, two criteria were at the top of my list; natural looking results and a comfortable, welcoming experience. I knew I'd found who I was looking for when I met Dr. Toft and his staff. These attributes, combined with his advanced training, true artistry and honest recommendations (no overselling here) are the reasons Dr. Toft is the only surgeon I will see and confidently recommend to family and friends. Since cosmetic surgery is a very personal matter, I trust Dr. Toft and his staff implicitly. I feel confident that my privacy is respected and my feelings are valued. His staff and his in-office accredited surgical suite are the icing on the cake for me. If you, too, seek unparalleled excellence, look no farther than Dr. Toft and his fantastic staff. I only trust my face to Dr. Toft.

– L.D.

My compliments to Dr. Toft and staff. Love his work!

I selected Dr. Kenneth Toft to be my facial plastic surgeon after my consultation with him and my intense interview of him. It was of the utmost importance to me to select the very best surgeon I could because the face is something you can't hide. Due to his dedication, training and expertise solely in the face and neck I feel like he is ultimately the best surgeon in Northern California. His work as a facial plastic surgeon is flawless and scar-free with little trauma and very quick recovery. I had my facial surgery 3 _ years ago and I am still 100% satisfied with my "total" facial make-over which included; browlift, upper and lower eyelid surgery, face/neck lift and chin implant. I look and feel 10 years younger and I appreciate that! Dr. Toft is very upfront and truthful in describing what the results will be and I trust him to perform any future needs I may have including my facial products from Botox to skin care products. I have had so many wonderful comments regarding my face since my surgery and I highly recommend anyone to check him out as he is such an A+ expert in his field. Dr. Toft's staff is amazingly knowledgeable and very kind and personable. I never once felt embarrassed or uncomfortable in what can be such a self-conscious and stressful situation. I can't thank Dr. Kenneth Toft and his staff enough for my new and improved looks and the kindness they have showed me.

– With much respect, E

This is one testimonial I am more than happy to write. My experience with Dr. Toft and his staff has been excellent. One thing I really like about Dr. Toft's offices is that everything is in one building. You don't have to go to a surgery center to have work done and his team work excellently together. I met Dr. Toft 6 years ago when my friend and I were on a plane and my friend got very ill. Dr. Toft very graciously came back and helped us through the rest of the flight. Remembering this, when it came time to needing some work done on my eyes, I called his office. His staff are very friendly, courteous and helpful. Dr. Toft came in and showed me what would be done and explained every detail that I needed to know. When I went in for my pre-op he gave me a list of the medications I would need and had me start taking the antibiotics the night before. The surgery went so smoothly I couldn't believe it. I had both upper and lower eyelids done. After I was finished, my friends and I went out to lunch. I had no pain whatsoever!!! My mother-in-law came over the day after the surgery and visited for an hour and she didn't even know I had had anything done as she did not see any bruising or stitches. Now I am having photofacial work done and I can't wait to see how it turns out. If anyone would like more information please feel free to e-mail me at GDanishSpots@aol.com.

– B

I think you are doing a great job. Great Doctor, wonderful staff, and pleasant office. Can't ask for more.

– C.M.

Searching far and wide, I got the best. I would highly recommend Dr. Toft to my friends. And thanks to the staff I was always placed in a comfort zone.

– L.B.

A glass of Champagne to toast a wonderful job by Dr. Toft. I am very happy with the results.

– A.E.

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